Fire Emergency Event Instructions

Posted: Jan 4, 2021 12:14 AM

In the event of an evacuation, such as fire or events that may lead to an evacuation, follow these instructions to safely arrive at the designated meeting/muster point.

NOTE: Unless there is a further verbal direction from the notification system (e.g., Voice command to Lockdown), the default emergency event is to evacuate.

In the event of a fire or alarm

  • Sound the fire alarm
    In the event of a fire, pull the nearest manual fire alarm pull station, if it has not yet been pulled.
  • Personal Items
    Take personal items that are in direct reach of you prior to evacuating – keys, phone, purse, jacket, do not take beverages that may spill and cause a slipping hazard for others.
  • Close doors, but do not lock them.
  • Evacuate
    Leave the area through the nearest safe exit, as directed by NAIT employees or signage.
    • NAIT Employees
      Use the Emergency Warden or any relevant training to direct the NAIT Community to a safe exit, using evacuation routes and notify the Chief Emergency Wardens (NAIT Protective Services) if there are any issues evacuating your area.
    • NAIT Community Members
      Notify a Chief Emergency Warden (NAIT Protective Services) if you need assistance. 
  • Gather at the emergency meeting/muster point
    • Use the NAIT interactive map to locate your building’s meeting point(s). 
    • Do not return to the building/area until emergency services or NAIT Alert provides the ‘All Clear’.

Our emergency warden program trains all NAIT staff how to evacuate, which is an essential part of NAIT’s emergency response. Follow any NAIT staff member’s directions, as they are knowledgeable and are trained to guide the NAIT community to safety.

If you hear or witness any kind of activity that may be a risk to the NAIT Community, call NAIT Protective Services (NPS) at 780.471.7477.

What to do

  • Download the NAIT Alert App.
  • Watch for smoke or fire. If you encounter either, get low to the ground, use an alternate exit or find an area of refuge. If unable to exit, get to the nearest window and provide emergency services of your location and signal from the window.
  • When evacuating, ensure that you check all doors for heat.
  • Those who require assistance must be assisted by those trained to do so.
  • Try to muster at your emergency meeting point in 3 minutes or less but do so safely.
  • Once at the emergency meeting point, check NAIT Alert for updates.

What not to do

  • Do not take the elevator in the event of an evacuation.
  • Do not reroute your evacuation path. Do not change your route to the exit to grab personal items.
  • Do not go to the parkade and retrieve your car.
  • Do not attempt to extinguish a fire if you are not trained or in doubt of the size or your ability.
  • Unless you need help, do not call NPS for any kind of evacuation “confirmation”. If there is a fire or the fire alarm goes off, proceed to evacuate the building. 
  • Do not wait at the entrances of buildings - move to the emergency meeting/muster point.
  • Do not re-enter the building until the “All Clear” direction is provided.