Winner for NAIT Alert contest

A member of NAIT’s staff is a bit richer, all thanks to a simple app download. Alex Iwaniuk, an IT Compliance Analyst, won a $100 gift card from Shop AT NAIT by participating in our NAIT Alert app  contest held in January. 

The Alert app is NAIT’s safety and emergency tool, offering features such as real-time notifications during emergencies and providing users a safety toolkit on your phone. 

NAIT Alert allows you to: 

  • Book a Virtual SafeWalk with NAIT Protective Services 
  • Set a Virtual FriendWalk with someone you know and trust 
  • Have real-time communication with NAIT Protective Services through Mobile BlueLight 
  • Call emergency contacts  
  • Report a tip or crime  
  • View campus maps  
  • Access emergency or event instructions and other safety resources  
  • Access mental health and personal support resources when needed the most. 

The contest, done exclusively through the app, had 362 staff and students enter the contest. Throughout January, the Alert app saw 789 downloads. 

January’s contest may be over, but you can still download NAIT Alert to your phone.