Emergency Preparedness

Posted: Dec 8, 2020 6:50 PM   |  Updated: Aug 26, 2021 3:16 PM

Emergency preparedness at NAIT is a shared responsibility. Every member of the NAIT community has a role to play before, during and after an emergency.

  • Know what to do in specific emergencies
  • Make sure we have your personal and emergency contact information on file (this information is critical should NAIT's emergency response team need to confirm that you are safe, or should we need to reach your designated contacts)
  • Stay informed during an emergency. Check for emergency notifications from NAIT on
    • This website: nait.ca/emergency (alerts, directing you to this website, will appear on nait.ca, the staff intranet and the MyNAIT Portal)
    • The NAIT Alert app
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • NAIT's public address system
    • Email: NAIT may email students who have shared their email addresses with the polytechnic. NAIT may also email staff at their work email addresses.

Employees with additional roles and responsibilities

  • Instructors and facilitators: You are responsible for leading your students or audience through an emergency by following the procedures for instructors and facilitators. You are asked to provide your classes with general information relating to emergency procedures during the first week of class.
  • Supervisors: You are responsible for making sure employees are aware of NAIT’s emergency response procedures, as well as employee roles and responsibilities before, during and after an emergency. Emergency preparedness should be included in the onboarding and orientation of all new employees.
  • Any staff member hiring a contractor is responsible for ensuring the contractor adheres to established emergency management actions, as well as plans that may be specific to the contractor's work.

What to do with your cellphone in an emergency

  • Turn the phone to silent mode
  • Limit phone usage to conserve battery power and minimize network congestion
  • If safe to do so, text a family member to let them know you’re okay
  • Watch NAIT social media channels for updates
  • Do not take or share photos of staff or students in distress, or of law enforcement activities

Media inquiries

During an emergency, NAIT will designate a spokesperson to speak to media. If approached by a member of the media, staff should direct the media to our media relations specialist, who can be reached by phone at 780.916.8307 or email.