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Posted: Jan 4, 2021 5:33 AM   |  Updated: Oct 22, 2021 9:26 AM

NAIT's COVID-19 response plan, guidelines, procedures and documents

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NAIT’s COVID-19 approach  

Rapid Response Framework – under review 


  • COVID-19 Incident Report - Contractors and visitors should complete and submit this report to if  you are sick or have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been on campus within the last 14 days.
  • Staff and students can complete and submit a COVID-19 Incident Report through the myCority application which will send the report directly to Health Services.

Training requirements 

For staff, students and contractors, please complete your safety training. 




Responsibility declarations 

Staff, students, contractors, clients and visitors and tenants must complete and submit a responsibility declaration to your NAIT contact before coming to campus.

COVID-19 resources, guides and documents

Staff are encouraged to use the following resources to ensure that your area operates safely on campus. Visit the COVID-19 Planning Resources for Staff page for complete details. Please note, some of these documents may download to your computer.

Fall transition principles

Staff Fall 2021 Work Location Principles 

The COVID-19 Advisory Committee has developed principles that will be used by business units to make decisions about staff work location this fall.


  • The health, safety, and well-being of our students and staff is our first priority. 

  • We will prioritize work from campus for staff who are needed to support increased student activity on campus (student learning, student services). Other staff will continue to work from home or a blend of on-campus and remote work based on operational needs.

  • We will take a phased and coordinated approach to increasing the number of staff working from campus to ensure we have the right supports in place. 

  • Leaders will need to identify cross department interdependencies to ensure all supports are in place.  

  • Work from campus will be considered where student or service outcomes can be strengthened by being delivered from a campus. 

  • Staff who are required to work from campus will be given adequate notice. 

  • If staff are unable to return to campus or require a return to campus for medical reasons, they will work through the standard medical accommodation process. Staff will need to work with their leader, human resources consultant and ability management. 

  • Staff who aren’t required on campus but would like to work from campus for personal reasons that are unrelated to a medical need will need to work with their leader and human resources consultant. This will be a leader decision based on institutional and team needs.

Support Services on Campus Principles

Business unit leaders will use the following principles to guide decision-making about which support services will be offered on campus in the fall of 2021.


  • As decisions are made, considerations of the cumulative impact of increasing levels of on campus activity across NAIT will be kept top of mind and will be considered by both the COVID-19 Advisory Committee and Coordinated Response Team.

  • The support service area must be aligned with current federal and provincial regulations, and public health guidelines for that service and the provincial phase of services allowed to reopen.

  • Support services will be delivered on campus where outcomes are better achieved through on-campus delivery.

  • Decisions about on-campus support services will consider what the NAIT community could reasonably expect to be offered on-campus.

  • For fall 2021, we will continue to plan virtual support services for those that can be offered virtually without impact to the business unit outcomes and with consideration of financial sustainability.

  • On-campus support services will scale to match the projected increased on-campus footfall.

  • NAIT will re-evaluate these support service principles in alignment with the provincial phases.

  • Accommodations will be considered in alignment with Duty to Accommodate legislation.

Vaccination requirement 




Business travel will be at the discretion of each leader. The Government of Canada is still advising people to avoid non-essential travel outside Canada, so please consider this in your planning.

Given that COVID-19 restrictions and travel restrictions vary by region, you will need to stay apprised of current travel information and make decisions based on the destination restrictions found on the Government of Canada’s COVID-19: Travel, testing, quarantine and borders page.