COVID-19 Planning Resources for Staff

Posted: Jan 4, 2021 4:43 AM   |  Updated: Feb 11, 2021 6:03 PM

Resources for resuming activities on campus

This page is intended to provide guidance for staff as they plan on-campus operations. All schools and business units need to follow NAIT and government requirements for operating safely. Senior leaders in each school and business unit have developed relaunch plans for their areas. Each program and department is required to develop and maintain a safety plan.  

As requirements change, the resources on this page will be updated. Use these resources to

How to develop and follow safety plans

Programs and business units should continue to update their safety plans as safety guidance or the scope of on-campus activities change. Review the planning guide, template, checklist and steps for review and submission to plan for a safe return to on-campus operations and to conduct off-site visits.

How to prepare campus spaces

For staff who are setting up campus spaces – Follow the Planning Guidance Space Planning to prepare and use campus spaces – including common areas and program-specific spaces like classrooms, labs, offices and service areas.

Individual business unit   NAIT Facilities
  1. Make a space plan for program and office spaces
  2. Request assistance through Distribution Operations if furniture needs to be moved for physical distancing 
  3. Post signage according to business unit's safety plan
  1. Move furniture for physical distancing in public and common areas  
  2. Post directional signage for public areas, including stairs, washrooms, elevators and building entrance and exits
  3. Provide physical barriers for public areas

How to get signs

For all staff – These signage packages have been developed for you to download and use.

Last updated, with QR code for check-in poster: Feb. 11, 2021

Promote the stay at home campaign

For all staff – We’ve developed posters and backgrounds to remind our community members to stay home if they’re sick. Download these materials and share this message to your colleagues and students virtually and on social media.

How to order supplies

As of April 1, staff will no longer order COVID-19 supplies using the current form, which was a temporary process. Staff will revert to their normal purchasing and approval process for COVID-19 supplies, with all costs absorbed in business units' operating budgets.

Face shields

NAIT will provide face shields to staff, and an initial face shield for students, who will be in shops and labs where 2 metres of physical distancing cannot be maintained.  

tudents will be responsible for all costs associated with replacing their face shield and are expected to provide their own PPE and masks. 

Plexiglass barriers

  • Follow the Plexiglass Barrier Request Ordering Process.
  • Understand the use and limitations of barriers for mitigating the transmission of COVID-19. Plexiglass barriers can be used to create a physical separation to help prevent respiratory droplets from travelling from one individual to another. However, they do not provide full protection or replace the need to maintain 2 metres of physical distancing and other health measures. Barriers may not be effective or feasible in all spaces.
  • Review requirements for ordering.

How to get more information

NAIT's Coordinated Response Team maintains the COVID-19 website, which contains current information on safety measures in effect on our campuses. The website is updated as the situation evolves and in response to provincial direction. Please check back regularly.

Staff are encouraged to work through questions related to COVID-19 with your school or business unit and, when necessary, to bring questions and concerns to your area's representive on the COVID-19 Advisory Committee

Staff are also encouraged to read the COVID-19 FAQ for Staff (staff login is required), which is updated as information changes or evolves. This FAQ was created primarily for staff whose work requires them to be on campus, specifically instructors and staff providing services to students.

For urgent matters, please email