Contractors and tenants

Posted: Jan 4, 2021 4:57 AM   |  Updated: Nov 26, 2021 11:42 AM

Before coming to campus 

Contractors must follow the requirements on the Coming to Campus checklist before visiting NAIT campuses. 

Vaccination requirements 

To align with NAIT’s vaccination policy, all contractors and tenants are required to provide signed attestation forms by November 8 declaring that their staff on campus are either: 

  • fully vaccinated; or   

  • have an accommodation under protected grounds outlined in the Alberta Human Rights Act, and that is managed by the contractor in alignment with NAIT’s accommodation guidelines  

It is the responsibility of the contractor to verify that their staff are fully vaccinated. Nevertheless, their staff may be asked to provide proof while on campus. 

Acceptable proof is the Alberta government-issued QR code along with photo ID.   

Personnel on NAIT campuses or properties for less than 15 minutes, such as couriers or delivery workers are not required to comply with NAIT’s COVID-19 vaccine policy nor required to be covered by an attestation. 

Visitors of contractors and tenants who need access to classrooms, shops or labs must be prepared to provide valid proof of vaccination status. These spaces include Ernest’s, the Meat Store, Dental Clinic and others. 

Outside of classrooms, shops and labs, those visitors must be prepared to provide proof of vaccination or valid rapid test results. These include the arena, conferences and more. 

Contractors who provide educational services 

Contract instructors who are not NAIT employees (and paid through Accounts Payable) must follow the same requirements as contractors, as outlined above. 

Additionally, contractors who provide educational services must  

  • complete RCT100 - COVID-19 Awareness Training for Staff. Contact your contract administrator for access 

  • sign the online responsibility declaration and email the confirmation to your NAIT contact 

  • obtain your one AT NAIT card (see below) 

Third-party contractors (special event and service providers, and vendors) 

In addition to all other requirements for contractors, third-party contractors must complete the online contractor orientation

Stay safe on campus 

Safety at NAIT is a shared responsibility. Everyone is required to wear masks in all indoor public spaces and maintain physical distancing of 2 metres. 

You can also help maintain a safe work and learning environment on our campuses by practising good hygiene and respiratory etiquette on campus, and following area-specific safety controls. 

Stay home if you are sick 

If you feel unwell, take the Alberta Health Services COVID-19 Self-Assessment before coming to campus and follow the instructions: self-isolate and get tested for COVID-19 if advised. 

If you have symptoms of or test positive for COVID-19 and have been on campus within the previous 14 days, complete a COVID-19 incident report (pdf) and submit it to This form allows NAIT to  

  • undertake necessary safety investigations 

  • support contact tracing 

  • communicate with Alberta Health Services as required 

one AT NAIT card   

The health and safety of the NAIT community is our top priority. To ensure appropriate access, tracing and cleaning, Contract Instructors and Educational Service Contractors (employee and vendor) on campus now require a one AT NAIT card. 

Hiring Supervisor

Hiring supervisors are required to email one AT NAIT with the following information:  

  • Identify the type of contractor
    • Vendor Contractor (paid through accounts payable)  
    • Employee Contractor (paid through payroll) with employee ID
  • Indicate the start date of contractor
  • If room access is required, include on the email with room numbers they require access to 

Employee and Vendor Contractors 

To obtain a one AT NAIT card, employee and vendor contractors will be asked to complete the following:

  • Submit a photo: 
    • Review photo guidelines  
      • Employee Contractor: upload photo to one AT NAIT once they have a NAIT account (30 days before the start date) 
      • Vendor Contractor: email photo to  
  • one AT NAIT will email the contractor when the card is ready for pick-up 
  • If you need to pick up the card after business hours, please email After-hours pick-up is through NAIT Protective Services.