Your Safety on Campus

Posted: Jan 4, 2021 5:18 AM   |  Updated: Jun 17, 2021 8:30 AM

The health and safety of our community are NAIT’s top priorities as we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have adopted health and safety measures and introduced requirements for people coming to campus to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Each of us has a shared responsibility to keep our community safe.

For what you need to know and do when coming to campus, read the information applicable to you. Information for:

Watch the following video and review the information on this page to learn more about how we're making our campuses safe.

Health and safety measures on campus

On-campus activity

We continue to keep on-campus activity reduced to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and disruption to education and services.  

We are delivering classes and services virtually where possible in order to ensure manageable amounts of on-campus activity. Where hands-on outcomes can only be met through physical learning, we are offering blended classes that combine virtual learning with in-person instruction in shops and labs. 

Staff continue to work from home unless they are required to be on campus to teach a lab or shop, conduct applied research or deliver a service where virtual delivery is not possible.

As we continue planning our transition to a more vibrant campus this fall, we will increase the services available on campus and shift to delivering more classes and services in-person. Should conditions change before the fall, we will adapt accordingly – just as we have done since we began carefully phasing in on-campus learning last summer.

Reporting and managing COVID-19 cases

NAIT is responding to cases of COVID-19 impacting members of our community. Our response is outlined in our Rapid Response Planning Framework, which describes how we will report and manage cases of COVID-19 at NAIT in accordance with provincial guidelines.

Information about positive cases of COVID-19 affecting our community can be found on the COVID-19 Cases Dashboard.

Wearing a mask or face covering

We require everyone on our campuses to wear a mask or face covering in all indoor public places.

Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols

Our enhanced daily sanitation procedures, following Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines, ensure that all spaces are thoroughly cleaned to help limit the risk of COVID-19 transmission.   

  • We are following an enhanced schedule for cleaning of high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces, including 
    • elevator buttons
    • door handles and push bars
    • stairwell railings
    • vending machines
    • water fountains
  • Use of Avmor EP 66 or EP 50 disinfectant has been implemented for increased sanitation and improved longevity of disinfectant properties.
  • Please contact Facilities Maintenance if you notice any locations that require additional cleaning.


We’ve installed directional signage, as well as information on the safety requirements on campus.

Training for staff and students

We have developed training for staff, students and contractors that will help:

Sanitizer and disinfecting spray

Hand sanitizer and disinfecting spray are available across campus.

Thank you for doing your part to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Continue to check for the latest information and updates.


We have upgraded our air filtration in many areas on campus to the recommended Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) levels. We are driving more outdoor air wherever possible, and as our air intakes are typically on rooftops or away from where people are, there is minimal likelihood of entering viral particles. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Program

The Government of Alberta is responsible for the COVID-19 vaccination program in Alberta. Vaccine is being distributed through a phased immunization program. You can find more information about the vaccination program on the Government of Alberta COVID-19 vaccine website.

Regular, timely communication

We are committed to keeping the NAIT community informed and up to date on and other platforms.