Posted: Oct 4, 2021 11:21 AM   |  Updated: Nov 9, 2021 4:29 PM

Deadline for Accommodation Requests

As outlined in the procedure, students who are seeking a vaccine accommodation on a protected ground under the Alberta Human Rights Act must submit their accommodation request through NAIT Alert no later than 4 months in advance of their program start date. 

If a continuing education student is seeking accommodation for on-campus attendance, they must have the accommodation approved from NAIT prior to registration. 

Staff who want to request an accommodation should initiate that request through NAIT Alert as soon as possible. 

NAIT’s vaccine policy is in effect and will continue through the 2021/22 academic year, at minimum. Staff and students must be fully vaccinated or have an approved accommodation from NAIT to be on campus. 

NAIT will reasonably accommodate students and staff who cannot receive a COVID-19 vaccine under the protected grounds set out in the Alberta Human Rights Act

NAIT endeavours to process requests for an accommodation as quickly as possible, with the goal of rendering a decision within 10 business days of receiving the fully completed documentation.

Under NAIT's vaccine policy comes into full effect on November 8, students and staff who have an approved accommodation must be able to show proof of a negative test result to be on campus. Before you come to campus, you must submit proof of a negative test result through the NAIT Alert app or through your internet browser.   

Proof of a negative test result must be   

  • a COVID-19 PCR or rapid test completed within the 72 hours of when you are coming to campus   
  • uploaded by noon the day before you plan to be on campus or by noon Friday for weekend courses  

Please keep your receipts for rapid tests while your request for accommodation is under review. If your accommodation is approved, you will be able to submit your receipts to be reimbursed. 

Initiating an accommodation request

Students and employees must use the NAIT Alert app to initiate the accommodation request process.

To initiate your request for an accommodation:

  • Download the free NAIT Alert app through Google Play or the App store. Alternatively, you can access NAIT Alert through your internet browser
  • Open the NAIT Alert app and select COVID Information > Vaccine Verification
  • Log in with your NAIT credentials or create a guest account (if the app does not display a login page, then you are already logged in)
  • Select Online Application > Accommodation Info > Begin Application
  • Once you select next, you will receive an email confirming we have received your request
  • A NAIT advisor will follow up with students and Ability Management will follow up with employees

The accommodation request process


Students will receive a detailed email containing the appropriate form, the steps they need to take to complete their request, as well as any other relevant information. 

Upon completion of these requirements, students are asked to submit their completed documentation to

Once that documentation has been reviewed and deemed complete, an advisor will meet with the student if the accommodation is approved to discuss accommodation options. 


Ability Management will follow up with staff who initiate the accommodation request process. They will provide the appropriate form and the steps required to complete their request, as well as any other relevant information.  

Once the employee has returned the information to Ability Management, the information will be reviewed to determine if the accommodation is approved, if further information is required or if the request is denied. 

If the accommodation is approved, Ability Management will review accommodation options with the employee and relevant stakeholders, such as the supervisor and union representative, where applicable.  

 Frequently asked questions   

Who can apply for accommodation?

The accommodation request process only applies to staff and students.

I’m waiting for accommodation; can I come to campus?

You may come to campus if you have filed the appropriate accommodation documents, are waiting on an accommodation decision and you are able to show proof of a negative test result (tests must be privately paid COVID-19 PCR or rapid tests completed within the previous 72 hours; tests from Alberta Health Services or Alberta Precision Laboratories will not be accepted).

I am a NAIT employee and have requested an accommodation. What happens if it is not approved?

All NAIT employees, regardless of work location, need to upload proof of a second dose or have an approved accommodation no later than December 8. Staff should submit their requests for accommodation as soon as possible so that their request can be reviewed and assessed and a decision communicated to the employee in time for the employee to be fully vaccinated by the January 2, 2022 deadline, should the request for an accommodation be denied. 

Employees who do not meet the vaccination requirements may be placed on an unpaid leave of absence, the length of which will be determined by NAIT. During this absence, employees are not eligible for any pay, benefits or payment from NAIT (e.g., vacation pay or pension). An employee who chooses not to comply with the vaccination requirement and is not approved for accommodation will have their circumstance reviewed at the end of their leave of absence, which may result in the termination of their employment. 

I am a NAIT student. What happens if I don’t get approved for an accommodation and I am not vaccinated?

If you have submitted a vaccine accommodation and you are not approved, you will receive a letter that explains the options available to you.  

If I receive an accommodation from NAIT, will it apply to my WIL site?

No. If you have a practicum, clinical or co-op placement, vaccination requirements for your WIL site will be governed by employer and worksite policy and an accommodation would be at their discretion. This also applies to NAIT employees who are required to work on WIL sites.
If the worksite does not provide an accommodation, this may affect your academic progression in the program. Please contact your program if you have concerns about a vaccine requirement at your WIL site.

NAIT has asked me to provide information to assess if I am eligible for an accommodation based on protected grounds from the Alberta Human Rights Act. Are these requests a violation of my privacy?

No. NAIT is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) of Alberta. FOIP sets out what personal information NAIT can collect and how it can use and disclose such information. FOIP allows NAIT to collect personal information necessary for its operating programs or activities.

To implement NAIT’s COVID-19 vaccination policy and procedure, NAIT is permitted to collect  the required amount of information from those seeking an accommodation on the basis of a protected ground under the Alberta Human Rights Act to reasonably assess the request for accommodation. NAIT has an obligation to safeguard this sensitive personal information, as we do with all personal information we collect. This information, once collected, can only be shared with employees who require access to the personal information in order to complete their job duties specifically related to NAIT’s COVID-19 vaccination policy and procedure. Be advised that each time your status changes in the NAIT Alert app, any attachments or documents you have submitted through the app will be purged.